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Kim Czichelski
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Guide for video recordings and photography at Copenhagen Historical Markets

§1. All press must follow the Danish Journalist Association’s guidelines, Danish legislation and KHM’s press guidelines.

§2. All movement at KHM is at your own risk.

§3. It is not allowed to move within the safety areas of the various activities, instructions from KHM staff must be followed at all times.

§4. You can only make video recordings and take pictures of individuals if you have their consent.

§4.1 However, mood images are exempt.

§5. For video recordings and images of stalls and staff, consent must be obtained from the point of sale staff.

§6 For video recordings and pictures of players in their camp, the consent of the people in the camp must be obtained.

§7. Do NOT make video recordings or take pictures of injured players and staff.

§8. If KHM or guests want video recordings or images removed, this request must be followed.

§9. Images and films sent to KHM by e-mail [email protected] and Facebook will as far as possible be credited to the photographer, but not when used on marketing material, e.g. flyers, posters, ads etc. for KHM.

§9.1 The photographer owns the rights to films and images and can use them as they see fit, this applies if the photographer chooses to sell the films and images, however, it MUST be noted that the films and images were taken at KHM.

§KHM has the rights of use of submitted films/images, cf. §9, and can be used freely and free of charge by KHM for both print and digital media and press without further agreement with the photographer.

§10. Copenhagen Medieval Market’s organizers and media group have the final say in any conflicts or questions about the press rules and their decisions must be followed.

For press questions during the market, please contact press officer Dennis Fuller Møller mobile 2641 4950 ([email protected])