Kids' activities

Sword workshop

When you’re among dangerous warriors in the marketplace, you need to be able to defend yourself, and our skilled swordsmiths will help you forge the finest sword.


Are you on the warpath, courting or just interested in looking extra fabulous? Then stop by the makeup tent, which has face makeup for every occasion.

Coin stamp

Is your pocket empty? Fear not, here at the jeweler you can even mint your own coins and if you want to show off your wealth, you can adorn your neck with the finest coin pendant necklaces.


By the roaring “fire”, our blacksmith is ready to help young and old with colorful prints on small wooden discs, so you can take home the finest souvenir.

Battle arena

You can never be too strong, too fast or too accurate in battle, so come train your skills and fight monsters, half-monsters and warriors such as Vikings and Knights.


Let the trained urban shooters teach you the art of hitting a target perfectly. With this ability, you can go far as both a Viking and a knight.

Leather wallet

Your newly minted coins take up a lot of space in your hand, so our leather tailor is ready to help young and old “sew” a small leather wallet to keep your finances in order in the best medieval style.

Hammer and stone throwing

Train your strength and precision. If you don’t have a sword or bow at hand, it’s essential to be able to use anything from your hammer to a nearby rock as a weapon.

Raven & Rollo

Fighting in a small arena with shields and weapons.
Children are instructed in weapons and battle formations by friendly Vikings.
Approx. 10 children at a time.


What are tokens

Tokens are the “currency” used in the children’s area and you can buy tokens at our token booth on site or in pre-sale

What are they used for?

Participation in the different activities costs between 1 – 10 tokens. You pay at the activity you want to participate in. 

Token prices

Number of Savings Price in DKK
1 token 12.-
10 tokens save 20.-. 100.-
22 tokens save 64.-. 200.-

Tokens left over after the market can be used at next year’s Københavns Historiske Marked