Program 2023
Program for 2024 to be determined closer to Pentecost 2024

We reserve the right to make changes to the program.

Maximus Heratikus – aka Vagabundus, a jester by the grace of God, guaranteed to entertain children and adults alike!

Do you like fire? Do you like entertainment?
Then this is the place to be when the amazing Fire People come by!

Historierytterne and Kentauer present Knight Tournament in honor of King Frederik the 2nd and Princess Anna

A historical account of the Battle of Falkoping between Margaret I and Albrecht of Mecklenburg. Margrete won the battle and subsequently secured the Kalmar Union.
The battle is fought by 6 different medieval groups from 3 different countries.

Turdus Musicus was founded as an association in 2011. Its mission is to bring together people interested in 13th-14th century lifestyle, especially historical music, dance and clothing.

Spiritual Seasons is a medieval and Scandinavian folk band from Kharkov, Ukraine.

Powerful medieval and Celtic melodies, poetic Nordic ballads combined with an energetic and engaging performance, accompanied by enchanting (sounds of) bagpipes and other original medieval instruments!

Since 2004, Spiritual Seasons have been touring Europe and Asia, spreading good energy with their positive and infectious appearance. They’re guaranteed to make you dance, sing and smile!

The performance is accompanied by traditional dances and mini-workshops of historical dance.

Historical display with fierce Vikings.

Viking show matches

Get lost in familiar songs and original compositions and let your imagination run wild as enchanting flute tones, playful lyre playing and well-sung vocals carry you over majestic mountains, through deep valleys and dark forests full of mythological creatures.

Ullrs Hird is a 10-year-old fighting group based in Ringsted, Denmark. They are passionate about making Viking life as authentic as possible and strive to become the best warrior group in Denmark.

An Italian group of talented flag throwers who put on a show of impressive flag juggling on the Tournament Square and around the market.

Adventurous jousting for King Frederik II and Princess Anna