Program 2024

The program is subject to change.

Medieval music at full blast & Medieval dance for children and adults

Søren Hammerlund, Drejelire, Mandola, Flutes, Skalmeje, Key Harp
Benjamin Sommer: Drums
Rasmus Golin: Whistles and Scallops

Lose yourself in familiar songs and original compositions and let your imagination run wild as enchanting flute notes, playful lyricism and well-sung vocals carry you over majestic mountains, through deep valleys and dark forests full of mythological creatures.

When Jotunger isn’t enchanting you with ancient Nordic and Celtic song traditions, they’ll be showing and telling you about instruments and music history.

Join the Vikings as they put on their “training clothes” and practice Western Style Viking fighting.
Western Style is a milder fighting style with a strong focus on safety and technique.
After the training, the Vikings are happy to answer questions and show off weapons.

Maximus Heratikus – jester by the grace of God, guaranteed to entertain children and adults alike!

We throw fire, dance with fire, swallow fire and breathe fire – all while joking, singing and doing acrobatics!

In a short performance, we show the horses’ speed, fighting, jumping and acrobatics. In a short story, riders show their strength and skill in a tournament. You will see with your own eyes who wins.

Experience the Battle of Lyndanisse, Estonia, where the Dannebrog is said to have fallen from the sky. The battle took place in 1912 between the Danish Crusaders and their allies, who were attacked by the Estonians during supper.

Turdus Musicus was founded as an association in 2011. Its mission is to bring together people interested in 13th-14th century lifestyle, especially historical music, dance and clothing.

The Gruppo Sbandieratori e Tamburini of Torrita di Siena – An Italian group of talented flag throwers who put on a show of impressive flag juggling on the Tournament Square and around the market.